Cancer Diagnostic Study for Dogs with Suspected Hemangiosarcoma or Mammary Carcinoma

At MedVet Columbus and MedVet Indianapolis


MedVet is currently enrolling dogs in a multi-center research study investigating the feasibility of a new cancer diagnostic test. Sponsor is requesting one peripheral blood sample prior to tumor removal. Owners must allow the biopsy results to be shared with the sponsor. Patients will be evaluated by the appropriate specialty department to confirm eligibility.


Patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Dogs must display clinical signs of Hemangiosarcoma or Mammary Carcinoma (excluding spayed females for suspected mammary carcinoma cases)
  • Patients must be tumor bearing
  • Not currently being treated for cancer
  • Planning or willing to have tumor section removed for histopathology analysis

Client Savings:

The sponsor will pay $200 towards the owner’s invoice for tumor biopsy or removal.

Primary Study Contacts:

Columbus Location:

Edna Moore (Clinical Studies Coordinator) at or 614.310.1720

Indianapolis location:

Dr. Mike Lucroy (Medical Oncology and Director of Clinical Studies) at or 317.872.8387.

Dogs With Osteosarcoma

At MedVet Columbus and MedVet Indianapolis

MedVet Columbus and MedVet Indianapolis are currently enrolling patients with osteosarcoma who have undergone amputation and chemotherapy in a study of the Canine Osteosarcoma Vaccine, Live Listeria Vector (COV-LLV), a conditionally licensed product.  We will confirm eligibility by reviewing your dog’s medical history, performing a physical exam, taking thoracic radiographs, and submitting routine blood and urine testing.  All dogs enrolled in the study will be treated with the vaccine.

Qualifications to Enroll:

• Patients must have a histopathologic or cytologic diagnosis of osteosarcoma
• Amputation of the affected limb followed by a completed chemotherapy regimen (carboplatin and/or doxorubicin).  This may be completed at MedVet or another hospital as long as accurate records are provided
• Have no clinically relevant abnormalities on labwork or any uncontrolled medical condition that may be disruptive to the study
• Have no evidence of pulmonary metastases
• Patients may not have be treated with prior immunotherapeutic treatment for osteosarcoma

Client Savings:

Blood and urine testing will be covered by the study sponsor.  The sponsor will also cover medication for side effects (up to $350).


Columbus location:  Dr. Lisa Fulton  (Medical Oncology) at 614.431.4401 or Edna Moore (Clinical Studies Coordinator) at or 614.310.1720.

Indianapolis Location:  Dr. Michael Lucroy (Medical Oncology) at 317.872.8387 or Edna Moore (Clinical Studies Coordinator) at or 614.310.1720.




MedVet Columbus is currently enrolling patients in a study investigating low fat and ultra-low fat diets as a primary treatment approach for dogs with evidence of protein losing enteropathy, in lieu of traditional treatment with immunosuppressive corticosteroids. Eligibility will be confirmed with blood work, urinalysis, abdominal ultrasound and/or gastrointestinal biopsy, and physical examination findings. The study duration is six months and includes 4 re-check exams.

Qualifications to Enroll:

  • Patients must have a histologic or ultrasonographic diagnosis of abnormal small intestinal lacteal dilation (lymphangiectasia)
  • Bloodwork and urinalysis results compatible with a diagnosis of protein losing enteropathy
  • Have no complicating concurrent medical condition that might be disruptive to the study
  • Have not received systemic corticosteroid treatment in the last 30 days before entering the study

Client Savings:

Once enrollment criteria are satisfied, all subsequent consultation fees with the Internal Medicine Service will be at no charge for the duration of the study. The final re-check bloodwork and limited ultrasound exam will also be performed at no charge. The client will be responsible for bloodwork fees for the first 3 recheck exams.


Dr. Marc Myers (Internal Medicine) at 614.431.4428

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If you have a pet that you believe may qualify for a clinical study, please contact your primary care veterinarian and they can work with us to determine if a clinical trial is the best option for your pet. If you are a veterinarian with a patient that you believe could benefit from a clinical study, please contact us.

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