Kittsen McCumber, DVM

Servicing Locations

MedVet Toledo

MedVet Dayton

Kittsen McCumber, DVM is an Emergency Medicine Veterinarian at MedVet Dayton and MedVet Toledo where she has been part of the emergency team since 2001. She is the former owner of Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center of Toledo, now MedVet Toledo. Dr. McCumber attended The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine where she earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Following her graduation from veterinary school, Dr. McCumber started her veterinary career in a mixed animal practice working with horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, cats and dogs. For the past twenty years she has exclusively practiced emergency medicine.

When not treating patients, Dr. McCumber enjoys spending time on her farm with her children and grandchildren.

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Columbus, Ohio
  • American Veterinary Medical Association