Do I need an appointment or referral?

If your pet has a medical emergency, we suggest that you contact your primary veterinarian first, then call us so we can be ready to help immediately upon your arrival. If there’s no time to consult with your primary veterinarian or call ahead to us, by all means, please bring your pet in immediately.

For non-emergency care, we suggest that you discuss your potential MedVet visit with your primary veterinarian first. We believe in a team approach to your pet’s healthcare, so after your primary veterinarian refers you to us for a consultation, please make an appointment with one of MedVet’s veterinary specialists.

How do I make an appointment?

If you would like to make an appointment, simply ask your family veterinarian for a referral. You can then make an appointment with one of our veterinary specialists at the hospital closest to you.

We request that you bring all pertinent medical information (referral history form, X-rays, lab results, prescription medications, etc.) with you from your family veterinarian so your pet will not experience repeated tests unnecessarily. Please complete our new patient form (PDF) by clicking on the link form and bring it with you to your first appointment.

I have a lot of questions and concerns. Is there someone I can talk to before making an appointment?

MedVet Hospitals are staffed with highly qualified technicians and receptionists that can either answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate department. Go here to find the phone number for a hospital near you.

Why did my Vet refer me to MedVet?

You may be referred to MedVet when your veterinarian determines your pet requires advanced testing, treatment or specialized equipment that we can provide. You may also be directed to our hospital if your pet is experiencing an emergency after hours. Your veterinarian has referred you to MedVet to receive the highest standard of emergency and specialty healthcare available for your pet.

How will my veterinarian know what MedVet is doing to help my pet?

At MedVet, your family veterinarian plays a very vital role in your pet’s overall health care. We will always communicate with your family veterinarian about the results of your pet’s visit and provide frequent updates should an extended stay be necessary. In addition, we will send all diagnostic results and treatment plans directly to your family veterinarian’s office. We develop collaborative relationships with our referring Veterinarians and prioritize communication before, during, and after your appointment.

Can MedVet be my primary veterinary clinic?

MedVet does not provide primary care such as vaccinations, neutering or preventative medicine, but rather partners with your family veterinarian to provide comprehensive health care for your pet when specialty and emergency care is needed.

Where is MedVet located?

MedVet hospitals are located in several communities. Please refer to this list of offices to find one near you.

What will it cost to bring my pet to MedVet?

Cost of care depends on which diagnostic procedures or treatments your pet needs. There is an initial consultation fee, after which we will generate an itemized care plan. We will not do any additional testing or treatment until we discuss and reach an agreement with you on the best plan for your pet. Payment is due in full as services are rendered. We accept cash, check, and debit card, as well as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Special financing is available for qualified pet owners through an independent company.

What will I need to bring to the appointment?

Please bring any previous medical history with you to the appointment, and/or have your veterinarian fax any pertinent paperwork including medical background radiographs and diagnostic test results to the attention of the appropriate specialty department. Fax numbers at all locations are available here. If possible, also bring a completed client registration form (PDF) with you to the appointment.

What can I expect at the first visit?

MedVet doctors and staff will review all the information provided by you and your veterinarian. They will ask questions about your pet’s condition, perform a physical exam, and recommend a diagnostic plan. We will then generate a care plan before proceeding with additional tests or treatment. If further diagnostic testing or procedures are necessary, we may ask that your pet remain with us for the day.

What is a veterinary specialist?

veterinary specialist is a veterinarian who has completed four years of education in an accredited veterinary program, plus an additional four to five years of training in an internship and residency program. To become board-certified in a specialty, veterinary specialists must complete rigorous clinical training, conduct and publish research, and meet examination requirements. Learn more about our doctors.

Why does my pet need to be here for an extended period of time?

Your Healthcare Team needs your pet here and available in order to complete all the testing in an efficient manner.  This involves:

  • Collection and submission of laboratory samples.  Depending on the type of laboratory testing it could take up to 5 hours or longer until we receive results.
  • Coordination with multiple services to provide testing such as radiographs, abdominal ultrasounds and consultations

Do I need to be in the hospital while my pet’s diagnostic testing is performed?

You are welcome to stay in or around our facility during your pet’s stay in the hospital.  Your Pet’s Healthcare Team will be notified if you choose to wait, and will update you regarding your pet’s status upon completion of the diagnostic testing and other specialty consultations.  If you choose not to stay, you will be contacted by phone at the numbers you have provided during the Admissions process.

How will I know when I can pick my pet up?

At the completion of the testing or consultations a member of your Healthcare Team will contact you to provide an update on your pet, schedule a time to review results and to discuss an appropriate treatment plan. Whether the review of the results is done over the phone or in the office should have been arranged at the time of admission. A discharge time will be scheduled with you if it applies.

Can I be with my pet during the testing?

In order to provide the safest environment for you and your pet most diagnostic testing needs to be performed in regulated areas of the hospital where we have the appropriate equipment and safety measures in place. Please address any concerns you may have of your pet being separated from you with you Healthcare Team.

Will my pet need to be sedated for their diagnostics?

Our staff is well trained in performing most diagnostics without sedation and with the ability to minimize stress on your pet.  If your pet’s doctor feels that it is in you’re their best interest to be sedated they will discuss that with you prior to the administration of any medication.

Do I need to be in the Hospital during my pet’s surgery or procedure?

You are welcome to stay in or around our facility during your pet’s stay in the hospital. Your pet’s Healthcare Team will be notified if you choose to wait, and will update you regarding your pet’s status upon completion of the scheduled surgery or procedure.

If you choose not to stay, you will be contacted by phone at the numbers you have provided during the Admission process.

Why does my pet need to be here so early?

Your Healthcare Team needs your pet admitted to the hospital early to prepare for the upcoming surgery or procedure. This involves:

  • Evaluation by the Anesthesia Team
  • Placement of an IV catheter and any pre-procedural or surgical testing and necessary monitoring.
  • Administration of additional medications prior to the surgery or procedure.

How will I know if my pet needs to stay overnight or when can I pick them up?

Based on your pet’s surgery or procedure, the expectation of whether they should have to stay overnight or not should have been discussed with you previously by the Healthcare Team.  At the completion of the surgery or procedure, a Team Member will contact you to provide an update on your pet, to schedule a pick up time and to discuss the Discharge Process as it applies to your pet.

How will I know how my pet is doing?

If your pet’s care requires hospitalization, they will be monitored 24 hours a day by doctors and staff.  Any significant changes overnight will be communicated to both your specialty doctor as well as you right away.

Can I visit my Pet?

Visiting hospitalized pets immediately post-surgery or procedure is not recommended to allow them to quietly recover. The Doctor will make an exception to this rule if your pet is in serious or critical condition. Visitation hours vary. Please call the department and nursing staff before coming to visit.

If your pet stays overnight, a member of their Healthcare Team will contact you daily by 11:00 am with an update of any overnight changes and to discuss ongoing care needs.  The doctor will also discuss any recommendations for further testing, treatments, and/or to schedule a discharge appointment.

Appointments for discharge from the hospital are necessary to allow thorough review of instructions to prepare for the recovery process once you are home with your pet.